Rules for comments/boards

Before you post comments on stories or on the message boards, take a look at the Ten Commandments of feedback:

1. Thou shalt not post lies, mistruths or halftruths.

2. Thou shalt not anonymously post unverifiable information.

3. Thou shalt not levy personal attacks on other posters.

4. Thou shalt not mischaracterize or defame any person or organization.

5. If thou wishest to be critical of an identified person, identify thine own self. No anonymous attack shall be allowed.

6. The attitude or effort of any preparatory athlete shall not be debated.

7. If thou art a preparatory athlete, thou shalt represent thy program and/or thy school with dignity, not stupidity.

If thou hast a problem, PM one of the moderators or send the admin an e-mail and he shall take care of it. And keep in mind that thy behavior reflects upon thine teammates, thine coach, thine program and thine school.

8. Thou art responsible for thine own posts.

9. Thou shalt not speak ill of Ronald Reagan.

10. Thou shalt fully understand that is in no way affiliated with any educational institution.

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