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If you believe your business can benefit from advertising online in an area that reaches Internet visitors from north-central Illinois, ReaganSports is the place for you.

Other area sports-based or news-based Web sites have sold subscriptions rather than relying on advertising for revenue. After studying the issue, we felt the only way to run an area sports site is to keep the content free to readers, which will keep a strong base of visitors, and, in turn, allow more people to freely see your advertisement.

As a sponsor of the site, your business will be seen as a forerunner of Internet advertising, which we believe is the wave of the future — and in some cases, here right now. As newspapers subscription numbers fall across America, as newspapers and radio stations continue to cut staff and scale back their payrolls, Internet advertising is growing by leaps and bounds. If your business hasn’t done it yet, the inevitable fact is that it must start soon. Think about it: How many people do you know who don’t have the Internet? ReaganSports presents your business with a great opportunity.

Our coverage area’s home base is north-central Illinois — where Ronald Reagan was born and raised, hence the name of the site. On an Illinois map, “home base” would be roughly in the shape of a triangle, with lines drawn from Morris to Sterling to Peoria. So this includes cities and towns such as La Salle, Peru, Ottawa, Streator, Princeton, Dixon and Rock Falls, and the main prep conferences covered would be the NCIC and Tri-County.

The link to your Web site will allow visitors to get to know your business. A financial institution might persuade more customers to do their banking online. A car dealership could show potential customers its inventory. A florist could show new online customers just how easy it is to send flowers over the Internet.

The 21st-century world in which we live has become so dependent on the Internet. It’s not just for research anymore. For many people, it’s become something they can’t live without: shopping, banking, bill-paying, education, as well as looking up health information, world news, fantasy sports, weather forecasts and more.

During the first full month ReaganSports was in full-service operation — December of 2008 — this site drew over 3,400 unique visitors from all across north-central Illinois.

Your business can definitely be boosted by local Internet advertising. What else is there to debate? Now that you’re interested, e-mail Kevin or Jim at and set up an account today.

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