About ReaganSports

The biggest question people ask about ReaganSports is “What exactly do you cover?” How can Ronald Reagan be an “area?”

Our question is answered with another question: “What don’t we cover?”

If you want a geographic area, home base is north-central Illinois — where Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, was born and raised, hence the name of the site. On an Illinois map, “home base” would be roughly in the shape of a triangle, with lines drawn from Morris to Sterling to Peoria. So this includes cities and towns such as La Salle, Peru, Ottawa, Streator, Princeton, Dixon and Rock Falls, and the main prep conferences covered would be the NCIC and Tri-County.

But when it comes right down to it, there’s not much we won’t cover. If it’s relevant to sports fans in our area, or if it’s relevant to fans of Ronald Reagan, we want to be on top of it. We also rely on a network of users from throughout the area to keep others informed and to spur discussion on our message boards.

The reason we’re here is simple economic theory: we believe there’s a demand for a site like this in our area. As long as there’s enough demand and the entire internet doesn’t go belly-up, ReaganSports will exist.

Some goals of ReaganSports are…

1. Giving area fans scores, standings, stats, game summaries and live updates when possible.
2. Providing forums for users to discuss and debate a multitude of topics.
3. Being THE source for online sports coverage in north-central Illinois.
4. Remembering our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, who taught us to stand by our principles in the midst of adversity.

Through all of these things, we hope to provide a new market for area advertisers. In order to keep this site free to you, we’ll need advertising revenue. For more on that, see our Advertising Page.

Enjoy the site and give us all the feedback you want. One thing about demand: this site wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. You can post your feedback on stories, post your feedback on the forums, or just shoot an e-mail to admin@reagansports.com.

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